Health and Safety

Health and Safety

This is a subject taken very seriously by the club with so many children involved.

There are certain rules we would like everyone to be aware of for the safety of all who attend our sessions, for whatever reason. Firstly, we as a Club have a ˜Duty of Care' to you all and will do all we can to make the Club as safe as possible. Secondly you also have this same duty to everyone else and if you can see or foresee a problem, let a committee member or a member of the coaching/teaching staff know as soon as possible.

We as a Club do have a Safety Policy and our own Risk Assessments available for anyone to see. A session will not take place without adequate pool supervision.

Most of our coaching/teaching staff have life-saving and First Aid training.Below is a small list of rules you should all be aware of, especially the swimmers:

  • The children are the responsibility of their parents/guardian until they are on the poolside. (We do not have enough people to cover the changing rooms and the poolside).
  • No one should go onto poolside until the poolside staff arrive, as it is dangerous - you have no Lifesaving of First Aid cover and the insurance the Club holds is not valid until poolside staff arrive.
  • No one should enter the water until told to do so.
  • No jewellery is to be worn while swimming (including watches) as this can be dangerous. Swimmers must wear a hat.
  • The coaching/teaching staff must be obeyed at all times to ensure the sessions are safe for all.
  • No eating or chewing gum while swimming as this is very dangerous. (Swimmers should not eat really for about 30 minutes before they swim).
  • If a whistle is blown, all swimmers should immediately follow their coaches/teachers instructions without question.
  • If swimmers are ill or injured, they should not swim.
  • Everyone should take a shower and toilet before they swim.
  • Any medical condition or medication which may affect a swimmer's safety must be notified.
  • If swimmers use inhalers for asthma, they can use them (but only if necessary) if the coach/teacher is informed. (No other drugs or medicines should be used during a session).
  • No glass is allowed on poolside.
  • No running on the poolside.
  • No jumping in or diving is allowed unless specifically told to do so by the coach/teacher.