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Accepted Time

Where AOE is not in use and there is only one timekeeper per lane, his time will be the accepted time. Where two timekeepers per lane are used, the accepted time is the average of the two times. When three timekeepers per lane are used, the accepted time is the middle time if all times are different or if two or more times are the same that will become the accepted time. Where AOE or Semi-AOE is in use, the accepted time will be the time recorded by the equipment.


Aerobic Energy

Aerobic means ”with air'. The Aerobic system produces energy by the complete breakdown of glucose. The production of energy is slower, but more continual than the anaerobic systems.


Age Group Category

Excluding Open Competitions such as major games and national championships, all swimming competitions are swum in age groups. These will vary from one competition to another depending on the promoter's conditions.


Leagues tend to be swimmers within the age range on 31st December i.e. under 14 age group would include anyone who is aged 14 and under in that particular year.


Open Meets are often "Age on Day". e.g. Competition in which the last day of the meet is July 20th, the 14yr age group will include swimmers who are still 14 on that day - they could be aged between 13yrs and 1 day old and 13yrs and 364 days old.


The principle of such meets is that at some stage during the competitive year, every swimmer will be at the oldest end of the age group and thus will compete with different swimmers at different times of the year.The major flaw in this is that the key championships, County, District and National, are held at the same time each year so it is possible to be competing at these competitions as the youngest swimmer every year.


Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)

The National Governing Body for swimming in England. There are separate ASAs for Scotland and Wales and the Amateur Swimming Federation of Great Britain (ASFGB) incorporates the three country ASAs. Click the link below to go link to their web site


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