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Head Coach

Ian Turner heads the coaching team at City of Lincoln Pentaqua. Ian actually began his swimming coaching career with the club more than 25 years ago, training four Pentaqua swimmers to become Olympic Qualifiers and one to become an Olympic medalist.  


During his career Ian had been Head Coach for the National Teams of England, Great Britain and Singapore, continuing to place many more swimmers on the stages of the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. 


Ian returned to the club in late 2014 and his influence and ability to motivate athletes has already had a significant, positive impact on our swimmers. Ian’s pedigree and proven methods are helping to develop our swimmers and coaches to perform to their highest capabilities.

Swimming - How do I get better?

The world is not fair!

Nowhere is this more apparent than in age group swimming. Human beings follow a predictable pattern of physical growth but the rate at which children and youths go through this growth varies from individual to individual.

During the childhood phase of physical development, children grow on average 6.5 cms per year and gain approximately 2.5kgs per year. The fast growth spurts occur during puberty/adolescence. As a consequence swimmers of the same chronological age can vary by as much as 5 biological years, especially during adolescence. Therefore, with two 11 year old swimmers, one may be 10 and the other 15, biologically. The world is not fair! In age group rugby, this problem is overcome by youngsters playing against others of similar weight, not age. 

With this biological difference in mind, it is obvious that performance will be influenced by maturity. This is completely out of the swimmer’s control. Some young swimmers, therefore, have a distinct performance advantage over others! Initially, early maturers have a physical size advantage and often appear to perform better than the late developer. These swimmers experience more early success because of this physical growth advantage and not necessarily through better skills or ability. On the other hand, late maturers often experience a certain failure and frustration because they are physically ‘behind’ (chronologically) their team mates. These swimmers should not despair.

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New Year's Resolution



New Year has always been a time of reflection. Was it a good year for you? Or can things only get better? It is inevitably a time of reflection and acts as an opportune time to make individual changes in our habits. A New Year’s Resolution is generally seen as making an effort to improve our personal goals in life. For the swimmer, it is the ideal time to adopt better habits or set about accomplishing some aspect of self-improvement in the water. After all, if we do the same this year as we did last year, will we end up with the same result?


A key aspect of a New Year’s Resolution that makes it different from other intentions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year, and new beginnings.  

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Life Skills





Wanted - a well-disciplined, well organised, hardworking, focused person with excellent time-management skills. The selected person must be able to pay attention to detail, make sacrifices, follow instructions, work well within a team environment and be able to face a challenge.


Believe it or not, I think that the ideal person that this business is looking for is a swimmer! 


We are all aware of the many benefits that swimming (and sport in general) offers our children. The health, safety and fitness issues are obvious and will stay with the swimmer for some years after they finish competing. However, the nature of our sport means that youngsters, in their formative years, need to spend considerable periods of time training in order to maximise their potential. Over this period of time, swimming goes some significant way towards shaping the character of the youngsters that take part. These ˜life skills” are behaviour and attitude forming patterns that help individuals overcome every day challenges that are thrown at them.

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