The main Club Championship events occur over 3 rounds through the year with 1st round in July, 2nd round in October and the last round in late November/ early December. Medals are awarded to the top six swimmers in each event and trophies awarded to the best male and female swimmers in each each age group (from 7 years up to 17 and above). There are also trophies for best freestyle and IM (Individual Medley) performances. The trophies are presented to the winners at a special Presentation Evening which we combine with our Christmas Party. A great evening for all! 


We expect all our swimmers from Improvers 4 upwards to enter the main club championship and spring sprints events.  These are important events as they give an opportunity to compete against your team mates and gain official times.  These times are important, as when entering any other meets you will be asked to submit times for each event. Your coach will advise you on the events to enter according to your age.  In addition to the main club championship events we also hold a number of additional championships throughout the year;


  • The Spring Sprints: 50m races open to all swimmers (Compulsory event for all swimmers from Improvers 4 - Senior A)
  • 200m Championships: Open to Junior B and above and selected swimmers from 5ives (Compulsory event for all swimmers from Junior B - Senior A)
  • 400m Championships: Open to Junior B and above (Compulsory event for all swimmers from Junior B - Senior A)
  • Long Distance Championships: Open to Junior B and above 

We also run a series of "Dual" meets against other clubs, these are open to swimmers aged 9-13 years and the teams will be selected by the coaches from swimmers in the eligible age groups.


There are also a number of other "open" competitions available to swimmers.  These are described below;


Open Galas - Age 9+. Many clubs, including City of Derby, hold Open Meets where any swimmer aged 9+ (minimum age as per ASA rules) can swim, subject to meet entry criteria. NB., some open meets may have an older minimum age category, e.g., 11+. Age is as the date of the meet. The majority of swimmers that enter these meets are looking to achieve Regional/National Championship qualifying times. Open Meets include a range of events from Sprint (50m and 100m events) to 200m, 400m, and sometimes 800m and 1500m (freestyle) events.


To enter an open meet, you must first check that you satisfy the entry criteria, i.e., the age requirement and minimum qualifying time required for the events you wish to enter.


There are various levels of galas aimed at different standards of swimmer. These are denoted by the designated level (if the gala is licensed) and the qualifying or consideration times.


Level 1. This is National standard and requires minimum qualifying times. These meets are aimed at swimmers wanting to achieve National Championships qualifying times. You can only enter these meets if you meet the qualifying time


Level 2. This is Regional standard and requires minimum qualifying times. These meets are aimed at swimmers wanting to achieve Regional Championships (in our case, Midlands) qualifying times. You can only enter these meets if you meet the qualifying time


Level 3. This is County standard and requires minimum qualifying times but usually also has upper limit times, i.e., you cannot enter an event if your best time for that event is faster than the upper limit time. You can enter these competitions if you swim in Junior B or above


There are also Level 4 and Grade B & C galas which have upper limit times.

Graded Open Galas - Age 9+. The difference between a graded open gala and the above, is that graded opens are aimed at swimmers who have not achieved national times. There will be an upper time limit, usually a district time, and should a swimmer exceed this they will be given a speeding ticket! This means the time will stand but the place will not.


Grade C, Novice Meets. These are designed for swimmers new to competition, to gain experience of competition with similar swimmers and obtain entry times for further galas.


If any of the above seems complex, don't worry as your coach will advise individual swimmers which meets and events to enter.


Lincolnshire County Championships - Age 9+. These are held annually, usually over three weekends in February through to March. They consist of individual events and club team relays. To enter these championships, swimmers must first achieve a Lincolnshire Qualifying time. These times are updated yearly and published on the Lincolnshire ASA website


Midland Regional Championships. This is the next level of annual Championships, held in May/June. Clubs from the Midland Region can enter swimmers who have achieved regional qualification times in a Level 1, 2 or 3 ASA Licensed meet. These times are updated yearly and published on the Midlands Championship Website or click here for latest Midlands Qualifying Times. This is a high standard competition and the club expects all swimmers obtaining these times to compete.  


National Championships. This is the top level of 'age group' swimming for swimmers aged 11-13 (girls) and 11-14 (boys) followed by the National Youth Championship for girls 14+ and boys 15+. It is held in July and is open to swimmers who achieve a National Qualifying Time (NQT) in a Level 1 or 2 ASA Licensed meet. The meet is by invitation only.