Nutrition Information


The purpose of a pre-training meal or snack is to make sure that you have enough energy for your training session.

You must consider the size of your meal. If you eat too much food before a training session you will feel sick and bloated. Try to allow 4-5 hours for a large meal to digest and 1-2 hours for a small meal to digest.

Food to have before a training session

Meals and snacks must be carbohydrate rich, from the bread, cereal, potato, pasta, grains and fruit food group. Eat low GI foods; energy will be released slowly, over a longer period of time.

Example foods

Before morning training:-

Toast (wholemeal) - peanut butter on toast, honey on toast

Porridge (add berries, bananas)

Cereals - oat based cereal, natural muesli, all bran (try to avoid sugar rich cereal like Coco-pops, Frosties etc. as energy is released very quickly).

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