Parent Responsibilities

Parent Responsibilities

What to do:


Ensure the coach has a contact number for you if you are not staying for the set and that your child has a mobile or money in order to call you.


Ensure your child is aware who is collecting them and has the correct contact number (lift-shares in particular).


Ensure that you arrive before the scheduled end of the session – your child’s behaviour and safety in the changing room is your responsibility


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10 Commandments for Parents

1. Thou shall not impose your ambitions on thy child.

Remember that swimming is your child's activity. Improvements and progress occur at different rates for each individual. Don't judge your child's progress based on the performance of other athletes and don't push them based on what you think they should be doing. The nice thing about swimming is people can strive to do their personal best and benefit from the process of competitive swimming.


2. Thou shall be supportive no matter what.

There is only one question to ask your child after a practice or a competition - "Did you have fun?" If meets and practices are not fun, your child should not be forced to participate.


3. Thou shall not coach thy child.

You are involved in one of the few youth sports programs that offer professional coaching, do not undermine the professional coach by trying to coach your child on the side. Your job is to provide unconditional love and support and a safe place to return to at the end of the day. Love and hug your child no matter what. Tell them how proud of them you are. The coach is responsible for the technical part of the job. You should not offer advice on technique or race strategy or any other area that is not yours. And above all, never pay your child for a performance. This will only serve to confuse your child about the reasons to strive for excellence and weaken the swimmer/coach bond. 

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