What to do:


Ensure the coach has a contact number for you if you are not staying for the set and that your child has a mobile or money in order to call you.


Ensure your child is aware who is collecting them and has the correct contact number (lift-shares in particular).


Ensure that you arrive before the scheduled end of the session – your child’s behaviour and safety in the changing room is your responsibility



Be supportive but not intrusive. Trust the coaches and do not try and interfere with the programme


Actively participate in helping the club progress by offering assistance and support to the coaches and the Committee


Provide love, support and a safe place to return to at the end of the day – leave coaching to the coaches.


Be patient with progress – understand that the journey to the top can be a long one.



What not to do:


Do not criticise a coach in the presence of your child – the bond between swimmer and coach is important and should not be undermined.


Do not under any circumstances come onto poolside during training or competition unless invited to do so by the coach.


Do not coach your child – this also undermines the coach – it will confuse your child and could damage the progression of their swimming career.


Do not tolerate foul play, cheating, violence, bad behaviour, bad language or bullying.


Do not interfere or take your child from the team during a competition without permission from the coach.  


Please notify the club of any change to email or telephone number.