This is often a question asked by those new to competitive swimming. There is an easy answer - British Swimming! All the results from licensed events are listed on British Swimming. The only PBs that do not appear on there are those gained at non-licensed events (which in Pentaqua's case is times gained at League events e.g. Junior, Lincs and Arena League).

Results from all the events (licensed and non-licensed) that our swimmers take part in are posted on the noticeboard at LCHS, and it is recommended that swimmers are encouraged to record their own times - perhaps in a small notebook? For some of the younger swimmers parental help may be needed - but it can make an interesting Maths project (graphs/percentages etc!).

British Swimming's website page that gives you the opportunity to look at age group and youth swimmers' PBs over the past 12 months or all time:

Masters times and other Masters information is available here:

Now you are able to find out what your swimmers' PBs are, you will be able to work out what events at Open Meets your swimmer would be able to enter. When an Open Meet appears on the Club Calendar, or you receive an email announcing that are being accepted and you are interested in your swimmer taking part, visit the organising club's website (they will have information about the Open Meet on there, and look at the Qualifying Times section. Level3/4 meets may indicate that they will not accept swimmers with times faster than those listed, and other Level meets will usually state that they will not accept swimmers with times slower than those listed (i.e. upper and lower limits). 

If you are uncertain about whether a meet/event is appropriate for your swimmer, please take advice from your coach.