Swimmer Responsibilities

Swimmer Responsibilities

What to do:


Arrive at the session 15 minutes early in order to warm-up correctly before training.


Pay attention to pre-training instructions and explanations of the set it wastes time for both the coaches and the swimmers if instructions need repeating.


Keep hydrated and have 2 filled water bottles ready for consumption during training. 

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Lane Etiquette

  • Swimmers are allocated to training lanes by the coaches - accept their decisions and train accordingly.
  • Remain conscious of where your team mates are in the lane.
  • When coming in to turn you must cut across the lane before making your turn and push off straight - do not turn and then push off at an angle as this is dangerous for the swimmer behind you. 
  • Do not try to overtake someone on the outside between the flags and the wall or within the flags and the lane end - you risk turning on top of each other.

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Training and Gala Discipline

Please remember to:


Attend all the training sessions as required by the coach. The more you get to, the better you'll become. We expect you to attend the required number of sessions for your squad.


If you do not attend, you may find it harder to keep up in training and more difficult to get promoted.


Be punctual for training sessions and galas.


Arrive in plenty of time, 15 minutes before the session starts,  for a gentle stretching and flexibility routine on poolside before starting swimming.


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