Please remember to:


Attend all the training sessions as required by the coach. The more you get to, the better you'll become. We expect you to attend the required number of sessions for your squad.


If you do not attend, you may find it harder to keep up in training and more difficult to get promoted.


Be punctual for training sessions and galas.


Arrive in plenty of time, 15 minutes before the session starts,  for a gentle stretching and flexibility routine on poolside before starting swimming.



If you are late, make your apologies, ask your coach what to do & start your session without interfering with anyone else.


If you are early to the pool and arrive late for your session, you may be asked not to swim and your parents will be informed as to why. There's no excuse.


Arrive in a positive frame of mind, ready to train at the level your coach requires


Bring all your equipment with you - goggles, pull buoys, kick boards, hand paddles, swim fins and water bottles to all training sessions. Please name them and look after them!


Respect coaches, poolside helpers, officials and other club members.


Concentrate on what your coaches tell you and do as they ask.


Coaches are there for your benefit, not their own. They are there to make you a better swimmer.


With 30 or more swimmers in the pool on some nights, coaches can't always see everything and so you are trusted to do as they ask at all times.


Please observe and respect the local rules of the various swimming pools we train in, for example no outdoor shoes in the changing rooms. The club is very fortunate to have access to those facilities and would be badly affected if they were withdrawn as a result of poor behaviour by its members.


Please therefore keep the changing rooms tidy and inform coaches of any problems.


Please do your best to make yourself available to swim in galas when selected. We are a competitive club with a long history of competing to a high level. We want to swim our strongest team possible.


Please remember when competing for the club to wear club colours, hats, costumes and T-shirts at all competitions.


Cheer on your fellow team mates. It gives a good impression of a club that's together as one.


When you are in the pool, particularly at squad sessions, please remember:


Accomplish something in every training session. Practice makes perfect.


The more you put into training sessions, the more you will get out of them.


What you have missed in practice, you will find difficult to do when it really matters, in a race!


Winning is not necessarily the goal in practice. Winning is for competition. There are times in practice when other things such as technique or training correctly at the right intensity are more important.


There are no shortcuts to success. If you cheat by taking shortcuts such as missing out sets, not taking the required rest, pulling on the lanes ropes, missing out on correct turns, turning before the end of the pool, walking the first and last few metres of every length in the shallow end; you are only cheating yourself and letting your self down.


Pace your self properly, do all the repetitions your coach asked for, and take the rest your coach requires, no more and no less.


Finish each length correctly. Swim hard into the wall. Turns are very important. They can make up to a quarter of the race.


Please make sure you do all the turns correctly and quickly.


Think about streamlining at all times, it is very important.


Think about your technique at all times, it is equally important.


Do it 100 % right, first time, every time. All the time.


Encourage each other in training to perform to a higher standard when the going gets tough. Drink plenty of fluids during training to avoid dehydration.


Behave in the manner expected both on poolside at training and particularly at galas.


Do not interfere with other swimmers in your lane.


Get on with what you are supposed to be doing and let other swimmers get on with their training.


If others are faster than you, let them overtake without hindering them. If you are overtaking someone, then overtake properly, not by pulling him or her back. Poor behaviour in the pool will not be tolerated, especially if it affects others.


Throwing or hiding kick boards, pull buoys, drink bottles etc is unacceptable. Be aware that swimmers consistently interfering with others training will risk being demoted to another lane or asked to leave the pool.