What to do:


Arrive at the session 15 minutes early in order to warm-up correctly before training.


Pay attention to pre-training instructions and explanations of the set it wastes time for both the coaches and the swimmers if instructions need repeating.


Keep hydrated and have 2 filled water bottles ready for consumption during training. 


Ensure you use the toilet before the session start. 


Put maximum effort and commitment into your training and set yourself a goal for each session to help you focus on improvement and skill development.


Be consistent in your training habits and stick to your agreed sessions in order to get the maximum benefit from your training.


Pay attention to your nutrition and eat the right foods.


Check the noticeboard on completion of every session for news and information.


Ensure your email contact address is checked regularly.


What not to do:


Do not distract other swimmers.


Do not leave the pool without permission.


Do not stop during repeats.


Do not interrupt or argue with the coach.


Do not depend on parents and others to tell you what to do and take personal responsibility for your training and if you do make a mistake, learn from it and avoid blaming others.


Do not behave inappropriately.