Learning the skills in swimming can take time. Once the young swimmer is comfortable in deep water, the process of developing skill and speed can start to take place. Progress through the various training groups that eventually leads to a swimmer being promoted to the top group (Senior A) takes time and is principally based on in individual skill and attendance. 

As with everything in life, some people are more gifted at some things than others. Some youngsters find the sport easier than others. This innate ability is not the only factor in the development of a swimmer. However, once the youngster has progressed out of the Beginners group, a combination of attendance and skill will see the swimmers progress through the various levels of ability that leads to the competitive section of Pentaqua. Once this level of achievement has been reached, it must be remembered that youngsters attend training workouts in order to get faster in competition.  

Always remember that progress through the training groups hinges on the number of times you attend workouts as more skill is gained with the greater exposure to the water.